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BG Glass Technologies has two different CNC machine centers to provide the best in glass fabrication. Our highly skilled CNC operators and state of the art machines fabricate glass efficiently with high precision results. Our 5 Axis “Intermac” can edge, bevel, and surface profile glass with the highest quality and explore design ideas with confidence. Through testing, we have perfected the art of shape beveling allowing us to achieve inside bevels, even right-angle bevels with a quality that is second to none.

Your templates, DXF files, or quality drawings allow us to produce glass products that meet the demanding tolerances required for the architectural and furniture design markets.



  1. Straight line and shape polishing

  2. Straight line and shape beveling (max 2” bevel)

  3. Inside and right-angle bevels (max ¾” at this time)

  4. Precision fabrication of inside cut-outs

  5. Hinge cut-outs

  6. Over sized holes

  7. Sink cut-outs

  8. Countersinking

  9. Surface profiling

  10. Max size 60” x 124”

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