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The Hydraulic hinge is the pride of Colcom’s offerings. They have listened to architects around the world want in their designs and have developed this modern, clean hydraulic hinge that allows for door closing to be constant and controlled while still being sleek and clean. The hydraulic hinges are the evolution of “automatic-mechanical” hinges that are replacing the traditional hydraulic door closures currently in the marketplace.

There are many styles of the hydraulic hinges that are designed for use in showers as well internal and external doors. These hinges offer different style designs as well as different weight restrictions, but all offer advanced solutions to functionality, durability and versatility compared to the traditional standard door closures of past.


Glass sliding doors are great for saving space and incorporating modern design elements. Wall mounted, floor mounted, ceiling mounted or buried; single doors, double doors, bypass doors or soft close, Colcom has a system for any application. These systems can be used with any type of glass; clear glass to provide a physical barrier only or a grey/etched glass to provide privacy.


Balancing the benefits of a fully sealed system and the aesthetic appeal of a frameless system can be a difficult trade off unless you are considering Colcom’s EVO Frame. A streamlined perimeter channel allows you to have an all-glass wall system that only breaks to trim out the door. The framing, combined with hydraulic hinges and optional locking handles provide an excellent option for wine rooms, steamers, saunas, offices and more. Aesthetics, functionality and durability, these systems have it all!


Colcom Shower Door Main Pic.jpg

There is no question that glass showers create a feeling of openness in a bathroom that provides a one of a kind “wow“ factor. Colcom offers a wide array of styles that will take this one-step further.  They offer sliding systems specially designed for shower cubicles and bathtubs, as well as hinge systems that can be used with either clips or channels to provide a nearly frameless look. Using the highest quality raw materials combined with strict quality standards, this hardware has been tested for its durability and longevity, passing with ease. SHOWER DOOR PRODUCTS COMING SOON!

vista lato 2 VISTA 1b.jpg

Often overlooked, handles are a simple but most important component of any door that can be very trendy and functional. Handles can be either a lever, back-to-back pull, extra length ladder pull, knobs or flush mounted, often with the availability of either being lockable or unlockable. Colcom has a wide variety of push/pull handles, levers and more that are customizable in their finish, style and function to suit any space.

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