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Door systems are a central element of any space. MWE barn door systems are a functional way connect rooms with one another with exceptional design. These systems showcase what is technically feasible in interior design today leaving nothing to be desired. Take advantage of MWE’s knowledge and expertise in door engineering and explore their extensive selection of accessories and turn your space into a conversation piece.

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With MWE’s Superior workmanship, from the simple inline shower to a completely free-standing circular shower system, virtually any shower you can imagine can become a reality using MWE hardware. Turn you Bathroom into an oasis using MWE shower door hardware.

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MWE ladders designed and engineered in Germany to create a secure, sleek and modern look. These fully customizable ladders are manufactured with premium stainless steel to enhance the overall design and functionality of any space. With the interests of custom wood workers, the wide range of rollers and hooks can be mounted to any custom wood design that does not fall in the standard round or square stainless-steel side rails.  


MWE Handles aren’t just your ordinary handle and pulls, MWE uses the highest quality stainless steel with top notch design. Whether it be a flush mount, knob, door pull, door lever, or a locking handle these handles will transform your space. Stainless steel is not the only option for MWE, both wood and leather can be used in concert with Stainless steel to suit any application. Custom handles are also available upon request.

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